Friday, July 22, 2011

Alternative Bike Gear?

Sorry for the long absence. Work and heat are the culprits. The stress at work has made the thought of typing anything more than a sentence or two repulsive. Much of the country has been dealing with excessive heat so I'm sure most of you comprehend the life-sucking qualities of 100 plus degree temperatures ( we've had about 20 consecutive days of temperatures 100 degrees or more here in north Texas). I come home after an exhausting day at work and I just can't bring myself to step into my sweltering garage, prepare my bike and head out for a ride. If I wasn't such a lazy man I'd get up early in the morning and ride before work.

So, why am I showing you pictures of my new briefcase? It's to discuss the military's Molle gear. More specifically it's the PALS (Pouch Attachment Ladder System) gear that interests me, the straps and snaps used to attach pouches and other gear onto backpacks and other similar stuff.

I bought this pouch at a local military surplus store thinking that I'd attach it to my briefcase and use it it carry my wallet and cell phones.I didn't really care for the way it looked on the side of my briefcase so I thought I'd try it on my bike. Sure enough the pouch fit wonderfully on my handlebars. I'm using it to carry my cameras.

Here it is on my bike. These photos are from a very brief ride I took last weekend.

I think with a little ingenuity you could attach all kinds of gear to your bike using the PALS system. I did a quick internet search and found only one website/ blog where somebody has realized the possibilities of attaching gear to your bike using this system, it's the Association of Sausquatch Seekers or A.S.S. for short. Awesome!

From the A.S.S. website.

If you're a penny pincher like myself some of this Molle gear is pretty affordable, at least compared to most bike specific stuff. The camera pouch cost me $11 at a local surplus store.


  1. It is great to see that you've still got the creative touch. Thanks for the tip.

  2. Its always nice to find something that works well for biking, especially when it wasn't designed to do so. And its even better when its less expensive than what bike-specifically designed equipment can do itself!

  3. Hmm, I think I shall have to look around a couple of these surplus places. Unfortunately, the one a block away from my homebound coffee stop has gone out of business.

  4. I had a post where I mentioned that the PALS ladder on my surplus waist pack fit a U-lock perfectly.

  5. Pondero-Hey Chris, I hope you're dealing with the heat better than I am.

    PaddyAnne-I agree, I'm always looking for a bargain.

    Steve A-I usually go to Omaha's on White Settlement.

    DAN_the_MAN-Thank you sir.

    John Romeo Alpha-You were way ahead of me on the PALS stuff. Using the PALS ladder for a U-lock holder gave me a couple of interesting ideas. Thanks for the link to your old post.

  6. Heat is a bitch. Humidity sucks. The combination is like a hot, wet blanket. (Don't know shit about PALS.)

  7. Gunnar Berg-A hot wet blanket-that's an accurate description.

  8. That's a great bag. I have a couple of military surplus bag, the ones I have haven't worked out as well as I'd hoped for biking, but your post makes me want to try again. Very cool stuff. The integration looks nice on some of these.

  9. Apertome-Let me know if you do end up experimenting with some of this new military gear. I'd like to hear how it works out for you.

  10. Good use of that pouch, Myles! You always find great deals. I love the photo of your bike against the tree. That adds a camo feel to the pouch.

    Peace :)

    PS. Do they sell rain at the Surplus store? :)