Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday Afternoon Ride 10-16-11

I wanted to take the Trek 930 out for a quick ride. It's not set up the way I want yet but it will do for now.

I took the rack off of my Takara and mounted it on the Trek. My old Wright's saddle was sitting around gathering dust so I mounted it as well. The knobby tires and Gripshift will be replaced sometime soon.

My camera bag seems to be right at home resting on top of the stem.

I've been meaning to check out this drainage canal.

I came across a hawk in this area. He would swoop down and glide in front of me at tire level and then head up into the trees. This happened several times. I initially thought he was upset that I was riding through his territory but then it looked more like he was waiting for me to flush out a meal for him.

There were a couple of pipes to hop over.

This was as far as I could go to the west.

The far wall dams off the water to a small lake in what I believe is a retirement community. I turned around and rode back east, passing the spot I entered the drainage canal.

This is as far as I could ride to the west. It's a pleasant spot despite the bits of trash that have washed into the creek after our recent, and desperately needed rain.


  1. It was a particularly nice day for a ride.

  2. That's the kind of ride I'd like.

  3. Looks like a interesting and good place for a ride.

  4. Awesome! The last 3-4 days have been really nice days to ride. Glad you got to enjoy the beautiful weather we are having.

    Paz :)

  5. You got yourself a exploration bike there, and it appears that it explores quite well. Well done.

  6. creative use for a drainage channel. I'm about to stat on a refurbishment for a bike as well, so I'll probably spend most of next year tweaking it to make it how I want...