Sunday, October 2, 2011

Texas Custom Bike Show!

I received this email from Glenn Thompson a few days ago. Glenn is the owner of Daltex Custom Bicycles from Dallas (obviously). He's also the guy putting this show together:

Good Afternoon!

In less than a month the best handmade framebuilders from Texas (also Oklahoma, Arkansas, & New Mexico) will gather in Austin Texas for the 4th Annual Texas Custom Bicycle Show. This year's show has 24+ exhibitors and will be the biggest TxCBS to date. Six of the exhibitors are from the DFW area. This year's show will be held October 15th & 16th at the Austin Convention Center.

I'd love to go to this year's show, unfortunately that's not possible. If you've been looking for an excuse to visit Austin, this is it. If you do go please take lots of photos (I want to see them) and be sure to say hello to Fort Worth bike builder Jeremy (Gallus Handmade Bicycles). I wonder what new creations Glenn and Jeremy will be taking to the show this year?


  1. I've been traveling to Austin more than I'd prefer for work reasons. Maybe I'll stay a little longer that week and catch this show. If I do, I'll get you some photos.

  2. So, we gonna have a "Babble Group Ride" to get there? If not, I'll depend on y'all to report back diligently. Keep a particular eye out for Sturmey Archer S3X applications such as Pondero reported on earlier. I, on the other hand, will report on whether Canadian trees can compete with our Texas Fall color.

  3. That sounds like fun. I hope someone posts photos: it's a bit far from Stuttgart...

  4. Testing, testing... something weird has been happening and I can't seem to comment using my google account, here and elsewhere!

    Beautiful hand made bikes hurt my brain.

  5. Yay, comments working again!

    Hey RTP, you got a Charlie Brown II in mind for my Autumn Tree Smackdown?