Monday, December 21, 2009

A Ride in the Country

The First Annual Fall Finale Forty-Mile Country Path Ramble was very enjoyable. Chris had originally planned the ride to be forty miles one way from Sanger to Muenster,Texas, but getting everybody and their gear back to the starting point was going to be a problem. We opted for an out and back route instead. I've got lot's of photos to post so I'll keep it short. Chris, thanks for being such a good host.

It was near freezing when we rolled out from Chris' house. As the day warmed up the headwind started to kick in.

From left to right: Steve, Chandra (in yellow), Chris, and Keith

Steve and Buddy the CX bike

Chris decided to ride his Kogswell fixed gear.

One of many quick breaks on the first leg of the ride. We didn't stop too many times on the return trip.

Coffee break.

Chandra's decked out green Co-Motion

My Takara. The old bike performed flawlessly.

Chandra interacting with the locals.

Rosston, Texas. This is dog paradise. Apparently everybody allows their dogs to roam at will.

This store has been here since 1879.

Making use of the hitching post. I purchased a bar-b-cue sandwich and a Dublin Dr. Pepper at the store, when I stepped outside there were at least eight dogs wanting a taste. I ended up eating inside.

I didn't take many photos on the return trip. I did have to stop at this person's fence. There was a very large catfish head on each post.


  1. Looks like you guys had a great time - and on such a beautiful day - well except for the cold temps and headwinds. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Man, I wish I coulda made it.


    Looks like a good time!

  3. What is it about animal heads and fence posts? Around here it's ground hogs.

    Great photos. I liked all the bikes on the trip. A unique collection of different styles that each served each owner well.

  4. The bikes were definitely an eclectic collection! I'm surprised nobody has posted a picture of the "Lone Star Cyclist."

  5. very nice account of the day's events, myles!
    great job as usual!!

    peace :)

  6. You got some great shots. Thanks for sharing! Loving all these writeups. Wish I could've been there, but the photos are the next best thing.

  7. I am sure the fish heads are beleived to repel some kind of vermin or predator.It's like the old wive's tale of peeing around your garden to repel deer and rabbits.