Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Video from the Country Path Ramble

Here's a video from our ride this past Saturday. Christmas music was all I had available for the soundtrack, it was either that or constant wind noise. Hope you enjoy it.

If you haven't already seen it, you should check out Chris' latest post on micro touring.


  1. I watched the Ramble video and it is super crisp. Great job, Myles!

    Peace :)

  2. Very nice work!

    We appreciate the video documentation. The edits and music must have been time-consuming.

    It was quite enjoyable viewing.

  3. cool to see another kellie kettle user!,i use mine alot too

  4. Chandra & Pondero-I'm glad you guys liked it.

    coastkid-After reading Chris' post (Chris is Pondero in the comment above)I decided to research them. I need a camp stove. I'll add the Kelly Kettle to my list.

  5. VERY NICE video editing. It looks like you've done a lot of it.

  6. rat trap..kellie kettle does indeed double as stove for cooking with a pot.,quite hard to simmer pasta but fine for heating soup etc...

  7. Doohickie-I wish had been able to make it. Just make sure you're available for the next BABBLE ride sometime this spring.

    Steve A-I've actually only done this a few times. I may sound like a commercial but Windows Movie Maker makes video editing easy.

    coastkid-I'll mostly use a stove to boil water for coffee, oatmeal and dehydrated meals. The Kellie looks good but I've also been looking at the Jet Boil.

  8. yeah - good video!!! and that set up for bike micro touring trickery is awesome - hellow spring Im ready!!

    happy holidays rat trapz -cheers from SF <3 meli

  9. The video is really great! I'm impressed at how well you managed to hand-hold the camera and get good footage, especially aiming it behind you. I have tried this, and it's hard. I also enjoyed the music. I sometimes forget that my camera has a video mode ...