Thursday, January 8, 2009

Evening Ride 01-08-09

I rushed home from work this evening, grabbed my bike and rode off into the dark. The weather was perfect with temps in the 60's and no wind. I had the urge to ride fast today, so I shifted into the big ring and spent the majority of my ride chasing down blinkie lights while trying to keep headlights from catching up to me. I was startled a couple of times by skunks darting onto the trail. They are really hard to see at night.

You really can't see it here but I was very pleased with the Gino Light Mount. 

Fed Ex delivered the wheelset that I bought on Ebay for my wife's mixte frame. These wheels have been in storage since the 80's. They came off of a 1987 Miyata. Other than a little discoloration on the spokes they look like they are brand new. 

27" rear wheel

126mm Sansin hub

14-28 freewheel

Araya alloy rims

DFW people, don't forget about the Great Southwest Bike Swap, 9AM-3PM this Sunday at 1100 Circle Dr. Bldg 2300 Fort Worth, Texas 76119.

I hope to see y'all there.


  1. yeah the mixte! such cool work-in-progress!!

  2. Very classy bike. It didn't occur to me to list Skunks as a road hazard...

  3. I've been following along on the Mixte project. I'm looking forward to seeing it finished. It's going to turn out great.

  4. Meli & Doug-I'm really enjoying the whole process, especially hunting down vintage parts. My wife really likes the fact that she's gets to pick the frame color and accessories so it's a nice project for both of us.

    Workbike-Skunks, armadillos, turkeys, coyotes, deer, just about every variety of animal in Texas has run out in front of me at one time or another.

  5. I've seen skunks, martens, porcupines, deer, fox, squirrels, and a black bear. And that's just during my in-town commutes.

  6. fast is fun. i ride an indoor ramp we have (20 in bikes) and just try to flow around fast on it. ...i like your blog, ive been riding bikes for over 20 years and i love it, take care

  7. Steven-I just visited your blog, post a picture of your ramp, I'd like to see it. Thanks for stopping by.

  8. yo RAT TRAP, i put up some ramp stuff,if you still want to check it out. take care.