Sunday, January 11, 2009

Great Southwest Bike Swap

The 2nd annual Great Southwest Bike Swap held today in south Fort Worth looked to be a success. Me and my twelve year old son attended last year and were looking forward to this years meet. I had the chance to meet Fort Worth's one and only framebuilder Jeremy Shlachter, the talent behind Gallus Cycles. Jeremy's website isn't quite ready yet but you can read more about him on February Legs. Jeremy makes some excellent quality lugged steel frames. I also had the opportunity to speak to Austin framebuilder Brad Cason from Kirklee Bicycles. Brad works with carbon fiber and brought a couple of bikes with him, one of which weighed fourteen pounds complete. Jeremy and Brad were both great guys. I'm very happy to see this kind of talent setting up shop in Texas. I also had the chance to take a few action shots of the cat 1,2,3, "Cross-A-Holics Last Call Cyclocross Race".  

There were plenty of old Treks around.

Gallus Cycles-This is Jeremy's personal ride.

You can't see it in this photo but both sides of the fork crown have been drilled on top for mounting a rack, lights or whatever you want.

Jeremy is assisting Michigan frame builder Doug Fattic who is heading up the Ukraine Bicycle Project with the goal of teaching volunteers in the Ukraine to build sturdy bikes for educators, ministers, and service workers in that country.

Every Campy fan needs one of these.

Custom painted Kirklee

Tesch frame with matching frame pump.

Old school cycling shoes

The guy selling these old shoes told me that you have to nail the cleat to the sole. 

Cat 1, 2, & 3, racers after fifteen minutes of racing.


  1. i want that cork screw! nice shoes, remember detto pietro's from the sixties

  2. hmstrjam-I've seen Detto Pietro's but I've never had the pleasure of wearing them. I started road riding about 1992. I would like to get a hold of a Detto Pietro hairnet helmet.

    I will have one of those corkscrews one day!

  3. Great pics! I took some pics inside but none outside. Click on over to my blog for my version.

  4. Oh... P.S.... I linked to this blog entry from mine, since you had such good pictures outside.

  5. Thanks Doohickie. I'm trying to work on my action shots.

  6. what a greart set!! Im really enjoying all the info about the frame builders. Also the custom paint, is pretty great. That rose on the front of one of the frames looks so wicked, I like it :) Thanks for sharing!

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  8. So, tell us more about the Cyclocross. It's amazing where a Google search will send you!