Friday, May 15, 2009

Random Stuff 05-15-09

I can't believe that I actually got to ride today! I decided to keep it relatively short so that I could spend some time with the family. 

This is a nice little creek that is home to numerous ducks and other waterbirds. The water is fresh and clear thanks to the recent rains.

Lancaster Bridge.

Now on to the random stuff:

Jon Grinder: Jon is selling some cool enamelled pins that one of his buddies designed. They're $6 each. Drop by Jon's blog for more info.

Caffeinated Wheelman Association

Rocket Fuel-Vintage Cycling Style: Not too long ago I wrote about the Tweed Ride in Eugene, Oregon.  Susan from Rocket Fuel emailed me about the Tweed Ride scheduled for June 7th in Sydney, Australia. It's amazing how popular these rides are becoming.

Susan makes some great looking cycling caps.

Archival Clothing: This blog has quickly become one of my favorite stops. The two most recent posts are about musette bags. I'm sure this will appeal to some of the folks who stop by here on a regular basis.

Change Your Life, Ride a Bike: Everybody else in the cycling/ blogging community probably already knew about this new blog, but not me. Meligrosa of Bikes and the City Fame and Adrienne Johnson have teamed up to create a blog "for people to share how riding a bike has changed how they see themselves and the world." Take a look.

This photo of Meligrosa was taken by San Francisco photographer Dustin Jensen. Check out his blog for more photos.

Adrienne Johnson

The Everyday Cyclist: Here's another cool U.K. blog that I've been following. It's news, reviews, and insights into Lycra free cycling.


  1. A nice smattering of connections. Thanks.

  2. Welcome back, glad to see a new post. =)
    Have a nice day.

  3. Great Blog, my twin brother pointed me in your direction. Looks like some nice cycling areas in FW

  4. ♥thanks for the luv rat trap :D
    and for sharing all the links in the rest of the post. Im liking Susan's lovely caps

  5. Doohickie & twister-Thanks guys.

    Paddy-Phil's a good guy. Thanks for dropping by. I'll add a link to your blog.

    Meligrosa-I like the new blog.

    Susan (Rocket Fuel) does some very nice work. I hope her business does well.

  6. Myles,

    Thanks for the link love, man. Your pin is in the mail.

  7. Jon- That's really cool, thanks!