Sunday, May 17, 2009

Video Time

Here's a short, albeit shaky, video that I put together showing my ride on the Trinity Trails this past Friday after work. There's nothing really exciting here. It's just a chance to show you portions of one of my favorites routes towards downtown.


  1. Excellent!

    Thanks for taking the time to prepare the video. Maybe one day I can learn to edit, add music, and time my ride to catch the train crossing. Very cool.

  2. Nice video. The Geographer in me sees some serious river flood defences there.

  3. Yes, that's exactly what's going on there, workbike. The Trinity River Trail MUP was developed from the work roads that follow the river. The banks were all reworked after flooding in the 1940s.

    Rat- A most excellent video. I know all those stretches very well. After my son graduates high school in June (I'll be busy until then), we really need to get together for a ride.

    To everyone else- All that beautiful scenery is in the seventeenth-largest city in the U.S. Some of the city's best scenes are visible from the Trinity Trails.

  4. I love these view-from-a-bike videos (especially when accompanied by vintage REM). The little train at the end is a nice surprise.

  5. It's amazing that a person can travel along a river in almost any town and still not feel like being downtown. Pathways, and especially pathways along watercourses, are important and relatively cheap ways to provide a "wild" recreation and transportation experience.

    You've got a great trail, thanks for the video!

  6. Cool video, and you're lucky to have a path like that nearby. And, this reminds me that I have a couple of videos I've been meaning to do something with ...

  7. Christopher-Windows Movie Maker. It's pretty easy to use. You should give it a try.

    Workbike-Thanks. I've seen pictures of the floods from the 40's as mentioned by Doohickie. I've seen the river rise quite a bit but I've never seen it go over the banks. I think they've got things figured out.

    Doohickie-Thanks. Just let me know when you want to get together.

    Lynn- Thanks for stopping by. I've got your blog bookmarked. I'll be adding a link soon.

    Big Oak-The trail is a nice escape. I'm sometimes surprised to see the animals that live in the woods here in town.

    Apertome-Let's see some of those videos.