Sunday, June 7, 2009

Morning Ride 06-07-09

It's been a week since my last ride and my last post. Work, family obligations, and doctor's appointments have made it difficult to find time to ride. I was glad to be back on a bike this morning.

I rode downtown to do some recon for a little trip I'm planning sometime over the next few weeks. I want to ride from my house to downtown Fort Worth where I'll catch the train to downtown Dallas. While in Dallas I'll probably explore the Katy Trail and maybe even ride around White Rock Lake. I'll grab a decent meal somewhere before catching the train back to Fort Worth. The first part of my ride this morning was to the train station. I wanted to get an idea how much time I need to allow for the ride to the station to catch the train.

I rode around downtown for a while before taking the Trinity Trails to 7th Street where I had the opportunity to see the new Police and Firefighter Memorial that was dedicated this past Friday.

When I arrived downtown I turned a corner and ran right into a crowd leaving a graduation ceremony. The riding was a little sketchy as I kept having to avoid people who step off of the curbs into my path.

Train and bus station

Taking a break downtown. I guess this silver thing is a fire hydrant.

Our new Police and Firefighters Memorial on the north side of Trinity Park.

Officer Nava was shot and killed in 2005 while attempting to arrest a parole violator.

Officer Nava had two children, Kayleigh 13, and Justin 8. I'll be praying for them.


  1. Thanks for showing the police and firefighters memorial. Too often I take for granted the life threatening work they do day after day.

    It's cool you can take your bike on the train. The buses in Fort Wayne now all have bike carriers on the front (although they can only hold 4 at a time).

  2. Big Oak-It's a very nice memorial. I'm sure the family members of the fallen officers and firefighters are happy with it.

    I think all of our buses are equipped with bike racks.