Monday, June 8, 2009

Finally, Some Free Time!

This very simple design is something that I'm just messing around with. Unfortunately I'm not an artist and can't afford to pay one at the moment. I've got a design from an old British cycling magazine that Don (3 Speed Touring in Japan) sent me. I'll set that up once I get the time to wash and recoat a few screens.

And then there's this....


  1. oh my. that bike, work, coffee cup (ithinks!) and a cutie. what a post, thanks for the link.
    this made my evening :D

  2. I like the new shirt.As I am shrinking in size I will have to order another.Ill get them sent to brother as he is comming over to England next month.

  3. Phillip-I guess we'll have to print up some slim fit mediums for you.

    Are you still planning to do the Hotter than Hell ride? My 21 year old son has expressed an interest in doing the HHH. Who knows, maybe I'll go along.

  4. You must.......I am definately doing it in our Travelwithmymule team.